Who is Threshold?

Threshold are a progressive metal band from the UK. I recommend the following material if you want to know more:

Threshold's website - Progressive metal in the English Wikipedia - A very nice and informative fan site - Threshold in MusicBrainz

Why Freaks?

Because there was no comprehensive release discography for Threshold until I started this. Why I collect all those CDs? Better don't ask - the title of this site (which is also one of Threshold's songs) should say enough. ;)

Why is release XYZ not listed?

The releases listed here are partly based on my own collection, partly on information researched on the Net. However I only picked those where I could be quite sure about the correctness of the information. For example some site lists "Wounded Land (10th Anniversary)" but I couldn't confirm that so I just left it out.

Please also note that I only list Threshold releases here, no side projects and for now no various artists compilations with Threshold on them. It would be impossible to list everything Karl and Richard have ever been involved in, I would have to list whole discographies of other bands then and it wouldn't be a Threshold discography any more. Also the only side project stuff I own is the first Yargos CD. ;)

I have a release that you don't seem to own. Do you want to buy it?

Of course! I'd be happy to have it! But please understand that I need to make sure noone is tricking me. Therefore I'd prefer to do transactions over eBay. Feel free to contact me to talk about the details.

What are the rarest releases?

The demo tapes! The Japanese editions are pretty hard to get - even in Japan - and that they are long sold out doesn't make it easier. The fan club CDs, once they are not sold anymore, get quite rare too. But sometimes you're lucky and find them on eBay. Of those, I'd say the 1999 pressing of Decadent is hardest to get, but Wireless and Concert in Paris don't appear very often either. Promos should be rather rare - and I don't think I know of every promo yet. And then, the sold out US version of Psychedelicatessen by label Avalanche really is a collector's item since the band was never paid for this edition, so it's a bit semi-official. The promo of that I consider the rarest Threshold release (of the ones I know of). The owner of the fan site Light and Space has it. Jealous!
Finally there are some weird pressings I can't classify at all because I don't have much information about them.

Furthermore to get even more freaky, one could start collecting every pressing of identical items. Because sometimes even releases with the same EAN contain pressings from different master discs which vary slightly (in the content and in one of the three identifiers on the CD). I know of two cases of that happening, but I haven't started collecting those yet - it would be a bit difficult to get your hands on those, too, I guess.

Who is responsible for this site?

Me of course. ;)
If you need to contact me, there's a link. Otherwise I'm just a prog fan from Germany who happens to love this band.

The design and content of this site are © by me except for the pictures which are all included here with kind permission of the band.