Extinct Instinct

Main label: Fandango Records Cat#: TKCF-45015
Consulting: Limb Music Products  
Distributor: Tokuma Japan Communications  
Manufacturer: Fandango Records  
Release date: 1997-??-?? Region: Japan
Status: promo Packaging: jewel case with obi
GTIN: 4988008367836 ASIN: ?

Additional notes:

The Japanese edition comes without the hidden song "Segue" at the end of "Part of the Chaos" but with the bonus track "Mansion".

It contains an additional booklet with Japanese translations of the lyrics. There's a sticker on the back which marks this as a promo sample (and sample is also printed on the CD).

Medium: CD

(details and pictures)

  1. Exposed (06:25)
  2. Somatography (06:27)
  3. Eat the Unicorn (10:05)
  4. Forever (04:35)
  5. Virtual Isolation (05:33)
  6. The Whispering (07:50)
  7. Lake of Despond (06:21)
  8. Clear (03:21)
  9. Life Flow (06:00)
  10. Part of the Chaos (08:17)
  11. Mansion (03:01)