Main label: Non Stop Music Cat#: NSCD001
Release date: 1999-??-?? Region: UK
Status: official Packaging: jewel case

Additional notes:

The 1999 issue was only available for members of the then still existing fan club.

The first NonStopMusic release!

Medium: CD

(details and pictures)

  1. Virtual Isolation (radio edit)
  2. Intervention (1999 remix)
  3. Sunseeker (radio edit)
  4. Voyager II (Urban version)
  5. Devoted (Fan Club remix)
  6. Change (unplugged)
  7. Mother Earth (1999 remix)
  8. Exposed (radio edit)
  9. Lost
  10. Into the Light (1999 remix)
  11. Paradox (club mix)
  12. He Is I Am (Drum & Bass version)